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Our force of work-at-home staff reduces overhead cost which passes savings directly to your bottom line. Our remote workforce also increases staffing flexibility and agent productivity.

In these times more than ever, you need flexible employees who can work for you while working at home. Supporting a virtual workforce helps not only our clients, but our employees as well. Think about the reduced time off, enormous scale and overall customer satisfaction. We can support your business and provide a stable environment for our employees! What more could you ask for?

Our PCI compliant W@H solution is now an integral part of our steady state, as we continue to navigate through the pandemic.

Inclusive Experience
  • Access to Microsoft TEAMS provides full collaborative experience as if agents were in brick & mortar site
    • Leaders schedule group huddles, individual conversations with video conferencing capabilities to maintain visual communication and “team” atmosphere
  • Investment in Engagement
    • Hired Training Consultant for W@H training and development
Command Central
  • Direct access to secure shared folders to access proprietary materials
    • Training tools, document sharing, accessibility
  • Utilize nGagement and XCHANGE for performance contest, connectivity and team competition
  • 100% PCI Compliant
  • Proprietary VMWare security
Inclusive Experience
  • Hired on-site with option to move to work at home
  • 100% interviewed, trained and nested on-site
  • Agents need to qualify for Work at Home option
    • 98% of better schedule adherence for a rolling 60 days
    • ALL performance metrics have been met for a rolling 60 days
  • Continuing education: conducted on site

Hear what our remote staff is saying about their work-at-home life

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    “I really enjoy working from home. It is evident that it has many benefits for both the company and the employees and increases the quality of work and life. “

    Javier L.
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    “Working from home is wonderful. You do need to be self-motivated to do it though. There are less distractions which means you get a lot more completed. I think being in Quality and working from home is an excellent combination. I have been working in this industry for 19 years…the last 7 years spent working from home have been very productive and the most enjoyable.”

    Jessica H.
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    “Working from home is great and safe. It’s definitely beneficial for people who like to concentrate on their work.”

    Tammie R.