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The solution consisted of developing a successful recruiting program, updating and optimizing training materials, and developing quality and operational processes to effectively handle the call volume, meet agreed-upon KPIs, and deliver an excellent customer experience.   Read More

Avantive and Numeracle conducted a joint case study to test the efficacy of adding brand name, logo, and call reason to outbound calls, finding several potential benefits for both consumers and businesses.  Read More

“By focusing on essential behaviors, celebrating positive behaviors and holding employees accountable, you encourage your employees to rise to meet expectations and, in turn, drive your business forward.” read the latest article on by Avantive Solutions CEO Frank Pettinato. Read More

In order to compete in today’s market, brands must gain comprehensive data around customer experience. Analyzing every customer interaction in the call center suddenly exposes a range of opportunities from efficiency to conversion optimization.
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Join host Craig Sell for the latest PACE Community Insight: Rich Call Data (RCD)Technology. Frank Pettinato, Chief Executive Officer of Avantive Solutions and Rebekah Johnson, Founder and CEO of Numeracle, discuss how businesses can leverage Rich Call Data technology to display a brand name and logo to their customers. We cover the bases from what the technology is, where it’s available, who’s using it, and what to consider when evaluating branded calling for your outbound communications.
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Chief Product Officer, Anis Jaffer, will be joined by Frank Pettinato, CEO of Avantive Solutions, to discuss the technology behind Rich Call Data and how it contributes to a brand’s presence and identity. They will explore how it is currently rolling out and the learned lessons to expect with its implementation. Read More

Case Study: Utilizing Integrated Voice Analytics to Drive Training Efficiency and Reduce Attrition

Understanding how improving the speed with which agents reach peak productivity and increased levels of employee satisfaction reduces turnover. 
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How Avantive became a top-performing partner in sales efficiency, sales conversions, and gross to net sales yield.
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Meeting the challenge of reducing post-call work time, increasing productive occupancy, and improving first call resolution.
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