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Omni-Touch™ Actionable Insights Derive insights from every customer touchpoint. Grow sales, reduce operating costs and ensure compliance.

Smarter Now Than 15 Minutes Ago
Powerful consumer analytics platform that transforms unstructured consumer interaction data into targeted insights to help you:
customer experience

Understand and improve the customer experience.

omni touch automation
Drive process efficiencies through automation
omni touch trends
Uncover meaningful trends that impact your business goals

Omni-Touch Solution

Listening Technology

Transcribes calls and combines output with social media and digital interaction data

Analytics Engine

Layers intelligent NLP and machine learning for data classification

Insights Platform

Visualizes trends and uncovers insights to drive your business

Omni-Touch Modules

  • Call Summary
  • Call Optimization
  • Agent Scorecard
  • Campaign Scorecard
  • Call Optimization
  • Agent Best Practices
  • Call Flow Analysis
  • Organic Topics
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