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There are several major challenges facing companies in the technology sector, including cost control, market and wallet share expansion, navigating supply chains and market dynamics, adapting to consumer changes based on buying habits, and security risks. Avantive Solutions has helped steer the customer service journey through an ecosystem of rapidly changing consumer services and development. We have a robust suite of technology sector-specific service offerings that focus on contributing to our client’s top and bottom-line performance by improving service, sales, and support. Our customized multilingual solution, along with a robust global footprint and leading industry status, allows us to help a variety of technology organization types stemming from startups to Fortune 100 companies.


Today’s customers are looking for modern solutions for handling their financial service needs. You need to deliver on ever-increasing expectations, while remaining vigilant on cost control, security concerns, and managing risk. Whether that is with digital access, mobile enablement, effortless experiences, or something more complex, Avantive Solutions has you covered. We  assist fintech companies by enhancing and transforming the customer lifecycle with innovative operational and technology solutions. We do it all securely with an in-house compliance team that utilizes proven processes and reliable tools to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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The goal is to deliver experiences your members and providers expect, while delivering the human touch they need. With deep domain expertise in all nuances of healthcare and pharmaceutical services, Avantive Solutions merges efficient, seamless, and scalable processes with an empathetic and knowledgeable workforce. We provide end-to-end services supported by strong technology and operational competencies. We help ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including strict standards for PCI and HIPAA compliance..


Deregulated energy and utilities are transforming how these amenities both deliver and market products and services in a highly regulated, competitive industry. A customer’s experience is the primary differentiator. Avantive Solutions has the experience to be your best game-changing solution.

We provide an omni-channel solution that delivers an exceptional customer experience creating brand loyalists while delivering operational efficiencies adhering to regulatory requirements. Our solution creates an increased one-call resolution with higher conversion rates and enhanced customer allegiance.

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Customer forms of communication and expectations are changing at the speed of light. Success in e-commerce requires companies to study consumer data trends and apply omni-channel experiences that communicate the brand benefits to the brand loyalists while generating new followers.

Avantive’s e-commerce solutions assist companies in brand awareness with the intent to build a stronger bond between consumer and brand. Our solutions plus our worldwide knowledge provide enhanced customer experiences, improved product awareness and increased sales.


Communication industries serve a vast customer base within a highly competitive marketplace. Generating the highest satisfaction rates, on a consistent basis while exceeding the growth demands, requires a dedicated and specialized team. How do you provide best-in-class customer experience while meeting aggressive market goals?

Avantive has the solution. With our custom built omni-channel platform, along with a tenured management team driving engagement, Avantive can increase performance while providing excellent results. Our solution combines the use of analytics, evolving technology, and industry knowledge to fully identify the products and services that both meet and exceed the customer’s needs.

We design and deliver programs that generate highly efficient, customer-centric experiences in all  interactions with the customer. Our performance renders exceptional customer satisfaction. This is where brand loyalty is built, and client profitability is an assured result.

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