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At Avantive Solutions, we align the success of our associates with the success of our company. When the organization wins,
associates win.  This solidifies why Avantive is considered an “Employer of Choice” in the communities we serve.

What makes us the Employer of Choice?

  • A highly engaged team.
  • A strong and experienced leadership team.
  • Purpose-driven culture which supports transparency and equality for our employees.
  • Performance and reward go hand in hand.
  • Our belief in ongoing associate development.
  • Community engagement.
corporate responsibility
associate development

Associate Development

Knowledge is power at Avantive Solutions where associates are developed for the future, not just trained for the present.  Development starts at the agent level, where associates are coached using the SMART methodology.

SPECIFIC – Targeted development goals designed for the role of each associate.
MEASURABLE – Defined goals with timelines to set and measure success.
ATTAINABLE – Tailored for each associate based on their capabilities and the needs of the role.

Associates who move into leadership roles are certified through a series of workshops designed to povide foundational skills for management.

Whether focused on critical conversations, managing through change, or handling conflict, these workshops combine theory with practical application to create confident, effective, strategic thinking
leaders primed for success

Associate Well Being

Avantive Solutions is a unique company, and we believe not only in associate development but in the overall well-being of each member of our team.  To this end, Avantive has developed an entire suite of benefits  including medical, dental, and pet insurances, 401k retirement packages, college savings plans, paid time off and many others.

associate well being was established to serve one fundamental objective…to help the Tulsa community…to give back to those people and local organizations that have given so much to us. Find out more…