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Ad & Marketing Campaigns Avantive Solutions can create the ultimate advertising campaign for your business. Custom fit for you, our #1 priority!

Ad & Marketing Campaigns
Whether you conduct your advertising campaign through social media, pay-per-click, print advertising, email marketing, broadcast placements or in-store retail promotions, we can help you raise visibility for your company’s brand or the products you sell. Yes, there are a lot of options!
Ad & Marketing Campaigns
Crafting an advertising campaign requires planning and involvement. However, partnering with a company that has the experience you seek, is a breath of fresh air. Campaigns can be successful without 100 hours from internal staff. Honestly, the journey is worth the reward.

We persevere to increase brand awareness, establish a brand where there might be none and help to improve your conversion ratio.
We use the following key points to measure effectiveness of our campaigns:


(Are we right?!)
We know you want response, and we use all channels to generate it!
These channels include:
Ad & Marketing Campaigns

Social Media

This is the most common type of advertising that can be found in everyday life. Every company needs this option for digital marketing. Just think, when targeting customers on social media, the preferred mode of the advertising stems primarily from a pictorial representation or small video grabbing the attention, conveyed in a short snippet, of a target audience. The more creative the better!
Ad & Marketing Campaigns

Email/Text Correspondence

This mode of advertising is important to any company’s portfolio. Email and Text Marketing can boost sales with shoppable landing pages, quickly give customers access to a complete shopping experience and grow your audience with forms that are easy to use and collect the most amount of data for your customers. This helps drive traffic to Social Media as well. What better way to attract a sale?
Ad & Marketing Campaigns


In traditional “print or broadcast” advertising, we generalize magazines, tv commercials, movie ads, newspaper and/or billboards as a method of communication to potential customers. Advertisements shown between programs, commercials that are run before movies, print advertising in magazines and newspapers are all classified under traditional advertising. Traditional advertising has an essential advantage to having a long life as compared to other forms of advertisements. Social Media is quick. You need to constantly be interacting with your audience. But advertisements, primarily in print, last for days or months. Reaching ALL or your potential audience requires interaction in ALL methods the audience may use.
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